Vehicle Wrapping & Vinyl Graphics

Car wraps, van & motorbike vinyl wraps & graphics

Welcome to Xtreme Vinyl Graphics UK

Vehicle Wrapping & Vinyl Graphics

Car wraps, van & motorbike vinyl wraps & graphics

Welcome to Xtreme Vinyl Graphics UK

Car Wraps & Vinyl Car Wrapping – Any Colour & Style

Professional car wrapping, van and fleet wrapping, custom vehicles wrapped, Motorsports livery and race car wraps. The very best deals on full and partial vinyl car wraps from a 3M approved vinyl car wrap installer, specialist in Motorsports livery and race car wraps.

Vehicle Wrapping & Vinyl Graphics

Car Wraps & Vinyl Car Wrapping – Any Colour & Style

About Car Wrapping

vehicle wrapping is the process of using vinyl material to ‘wrap’ the car. This allows for complete colour changes and other finishes to drastically or subtly change the appearance of your vehicle.

Vehicle wrapping is, quite simply, a way to customise, personalise and protect your vehicle. Vehicle wraps come in a variety of finishes; matte, gloss, metallic, chrome, pearlescent, iridescent, right through to material finishes such as velvet! The options are limitless and it gives you a cost effective way of not only personalising your car, but also protecting the original factory paintwork.

There is a type of wrap for everybody, and it is something you should seriously consider if you want to enhance your cars aesthetics or protect it, and there are hundreds of professional, accredited installation companies that can install your vehicle wrap for you to take the hassle out of it completely.

When you compare a vinyl wrapped car to a resprayed car, you can’t tell the difference as the technology used in vehicle wrapping has advanced so much that the edges and joins can’t be seen to the naked eye and it looks spotless.

Thicker protection wraps are available which may be slightly more visible but they are much better suited if you have an off road vehicle for example as they go through a lot more punishment than a motorway cruiser. So look through all of the options before you make your final decision.

Installing a Car Wrap

First of all your vehicle is cleaned to perfection to assure a strong bond between materials. Then the vinyl is cut to size and pulled tight over certain areas of the vehicle, whilst applying heat to iron our any wrinkles or bubbles.

Vinyl vehicle wraps are installed by hand, either by a professionally trained and accredited installer or by your good self if you are up to the challenge!

It is first measured and drawn up to make sure that it will fit every panel on the vehicle, before being cut to size.

From this point onwards it required a delicate touch and patience. The vinyl is left on the back sheet at first and is held in place on the vehicle with masking tape or electrical tape.

It is installed on the flattest part of the panel at first and worked from side to side to install the rest of the wrap. A squeegee is used to apply the vinyl to the panel, with only light pressure being applied so as not to stretch it, this also helps move any air bubbles to the edges and out from under the vinyl.

This process is repeated across the whole vehicle, with small areas being cut away if needs be, or pulled into shape but the basic method remains.

If you want any more information there a number of companies and sites that can give you this information and put you in touch with professional installation firms that you can get your car booked in with, such as 3Dom Wraps, 3M, Avery Dennison and Race by Design.

Car Wrapping Vinyl

Many different colours and finishes are available, vinyl really is flexible and offers a vast range of styles.

Due to the popularity of vinyl car wrapping there is fierce competition between companies to produce the best possible product to give them the edge, so we have picked out the best products on the market for you below.

3M VentureShield

VentureShield is one of the most well-known, most recommended products available. It comes with a 5 year guarantee, is very versatile and offers outstanding vehicle paint protection. It is extremely thin so it is barely visible to the naked eye, yet it still prevents stones and road debris from damaging the panel surface.

3M Scotchguard

This seems to be a more popular choice among the automotive community even though it is thicker and slightly more visible once installed. The added thickness means it lasts longer and protects your vehicle better, but it doesn’t come in as many sizes so sometimes there is a need for a two pieces to be used, leading to a join in the material on the panel which can be less aesthetically pleasing overall.

Xpel Paint Protection Film

Xpel offer a lot of different grades of vinyl which is why it is so popular. They are pushing for new finishes to be created so now you can even get a matte finish clear paint protection film, rather than the standard gloss finish.


SunTek is another good choice for paint protection, but out of the 3 companies we have mentioned it is 3M that ultimately offer the widest variety with vinyl and paint protection film choices available. SunTek protects well though and can be found at a slightly reduced cost in comparison if that is a concern of yours.

UK Car Wrapping Prices

The cost of car wrapping can vary depending on exactly what you want.

A full car wrap can be anywhere between £700-£2000 depending on the material and finish chosen, and if there are any unique graphics to be added, whereas to just have the bonnet wrapped it’s anywhere from £80 upwards.

The best thing to do is to check out UK car wrap prices such as the one 3Dom Wraps have, give them the make and model of your car and see what they can quote you.

Full & Partial Vinyl Car Van Bike Van Fleet Wrapping

Use the menu on the left to browse example of car wrapping, you will see the dramatic effect it has on a vehicle, and priced at less than a respray, wrapping is the way to go in 2015.

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