Vehicle Wrapping & Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps allow you to change the colour of your car, van, truck or bike pretty much without limit. Freedom to express yourself any way you choose. Whether it’s off the chain crazy neon green for instance, a huge monster crawling across the bonnet, vehicle wrapping is much more cost efficient than paintwork or a respray. You may want something as simple and sedate a mere colour change, black to blue, (why not add a matte finish to that?), and vinyl wrapping enables you to do that with minimal fuss and expense, whilst allowing you to remove it should you ever change your mind or wish you resell your vehicle.

Anything can be wrapped, and vehicle wrapping using vinyl wraps is the best way to change your looks.

Vehicle Wrapping Fitting/Installation Services or DIY?

Vehicle wrapping is an art and involves being trained and skilled in manipulating the vinyl for a perfect fit that will last for many years. Correct preparation the car to be wrapped is key to a quality installation. New paint will hold the vinyl much better than older paint jobs. Repaints and previous body damage are all not recommended for wrap applications. You can’t take an old car and make it look new. The best results are made on newer model vehicles, unless of course you have really looked after yours.

Before making any decision weigh out your own pros and cons. Chances are you will come up with more reasons to get a wrap than not. Have fun with it and remember your imagination is your only limit to what you can do with a quality car wrap.

How much does it cost to vinyl wrap a vehicle?

Prices for full vehicle wrapping are much lower than full resprays, and usually start at around the £700 mark, you really don’t want to cost cut with your wrap as quality material is key, and chances are if you;re offered a cheap wrap, you will get a cheap wrap. We suggest you pay the industry rate from an approved 3M installer, where you’ll be fitted with a high quality wrap for your pride and joy.  Anything less will leave you unhappy after a few months of use, so we recommend 3M products for all vinyl wraps, who are renowned in the wrapping industry as the best suppliers of quality vinyl for wrapping.

What can you get wrapped?